Hausing Mortgages streamlines the financing of such a purchase to ensure you have the funds when they’re needed to proceed with a purchase.

When looking for commercial property, not having access to finance when you need it can result in missing out on your perfect location. Hausing Mortgages’ well-trained team of finance specialists ensure you have access to capital when you need it.

To present the best finance solution for your business purchase, Hausing Mortgages will require important financial information about the business you intend to buy. This information includes business:

  • Cash flow
  • Profitability
  • Sales forecasts

Hausing Mortgages will present this information to lenders who analyse the data to advise on whether the purchase is a sound one and determine if, based on current business performance, you can repay the loan.

As a business investor, some lenders may also need you to provide security for the loan such as a residential property of other business assets. Hausing Mortgages can discuss any lender’s requirements with you to ensure you get the best deal possible.

After initial discussions with Hausing Mortgages about your business purchase, you will need to provide our finance specialists with:

  • Current balance sheet
  • full tax return
  • A profit and loss statement

You will also have to advise your qualifications and experience in running a business as well as information about your individual assets and liabilities, and any equity you plan on investing in the business. Depending on your experience and the profitability of the business, you may also need to put together forecasts of expected profit and loss and cash flow for the first two years.

Hausing Mortgages looks forward to discussing your business plans and advising on the best possible finance solution for your business purchase. Please contact our team of independent finance advisors who will provide personal responses to your questions.

We look forward to helping bring your exciting business purchase to fruition.

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