Commercial property Finance

Commercial property finance can help you secure the perfect premises for your business. Regardless of if you’re a sole trader, need space for a small team, or are bringing in 100 staff members, Hausing’s Commercial property finance provides you with certainty when looking for your new business location.

When looking for commercial property, not having access to finance when you need it can result in missing out on your perfect location. Hausing Mortgages’ well-trained team of finance specialists ensure you have access to capital when you need it.

Hausing Mortgages finance specialists can assist with a range of commercial finance needs including:

  • Commercial property investment
  • Owner-occupied commercial premises
  • Refinancing current commercial loans

There are a number of benefits to buying  your own premises:

  • A business premises that is owned gives your business a capital asset that enhances your balance sheet
  • Like a traditional mortgage, you can borrow against the equity that you build up in your commercial premises.

Whether you are purchasing a retail storefront, office, or other facility, for your own use or as an investment, The Hausing Mortgages team has access to all the major lenders and will present a finance solution to suit you.

Just like lending for residential property investment, there’s a wide variety of loans and finance types available for commercial property. Hausing Mortgages will expertly guide you through the mortgage options that best suit your circumstances. Different loan types include:

  • Standard Variable Rate – the commercial loan’s interest rate rises and falls in line with market rates.
  • Fixed Rate – the interest rate is fixed for the term of the commercial loan.
  • Low Doc – For commercial property buyers who can’t supply adequate financial records, banks and lenders will lend up to a set percentage of the property’s value without financial verification.
  • Combination (‘Split Loan’) allows you to divide your loan between two different loan structures; for example, half of your loan can be a fixed rate and the other half a standard variable rate.

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