As your career and lifestyle progresses, it’s imperative to review your mortgage to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Refinancing your mortgage involves reviewing your current mortgage and lender and identifying a better product from a different lender. This different product may offer better rates and fees and suit your current financial circumstances. Homeowners often become complacent over time and can miss out on better interest rates and packages that save them thousands of dollars and years off the life of their loan.

Hausing Mortgages can review your current mortgage package.

After learning about your personal financial situation, then researching a number of different mortgage options from a range of banks and lenders, Hausing Mortgages will present you with a solution that provides savings and increased flexibility.

Hausing Mortgages will review:

  • Your current mortgage
  • Interest rate
  • Type of loan
  • Your property’s equity

The money saved from refinancing your mortgage could potentially assist with home renovation, provide cash for other investment opportunities, or let you pay upfront for that dream holiday!  Speak to a Hausing Mortgages loan expert today to discuss your situation.

Hausing Mortages will present a new home loan package that:

  • Suits your lifestyle and current financial situation.
  • Has a better interest rate and potentially lower fees.
  • May be able to save you thousands of dollars and help you be mortgage-free sooner.

* Hausing Mortgages staff are more than happy to discuss refinancing your current mortgage over the phone and welcome you at our Burwood office to present different loan options.

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